Associate education technology director

In between the senior executive leader (CEO) of your Trust and the IT managers, coordinators and technicians in your academies lies a space that is occupied by the Education Technology Director.

More than a manager of your infrastructure and services the Director of Education Technology understands education, business planning, your processes, technical innovation, procurement and professional learning. They are a strategist able to help the Trust’s executive officers make best value and innovative decisions relating to Education technology (Edtech). They lead implementation and support key staff. Such people are few and far between…….

You are a small Trust and such expertise is hard to find and that key person is likely to be a costly overhead.

That is why Go Live has created the Associate Education Technology Director Service

For an affordable annual subscription get access to:

  • A designated education technology advisor
  • The expertise of our whole Edtech team
  • Network connection with leading industry and education partners
  • The development of sustainable, internal capacity across your academies through engagement with our Edtech Leaders Programme
  • Creation and maintenance of a Trust IT plan, to include vision, strategy, budget and actions.

Delivered through a combination of on-site and remote activity the service will:

  • Help you to maintain an up-to-date knowledge of all developments relevant to technology in the education sector.
  • Contribute to the development of the Trust’s strategic and business plans, particularly in relation to information technology and communications systems, contributing to the Trust’s mission and core objectives.
  • Develop the IT strand in your annual business plan with an operating budget for IT
  • Lead procurement of services and products which cannot be provided internally and monitor service delivery to ensure that agreed targets and standards are met.
  • Oversee implementation of new systems and services.
  • Facilitate professional learning programmes for staff.
  • Ensure processes, procedures and systems are in place to ensure the cyber security and confidentiality of all Trust data and to provide protection against internal and external threats, including the online safety of students and staff.
  • Develop technology solutions that deliver measurable impact on teaching, learning, management and administration.

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