Creative digital projects

There really is nothing better than seeing our young people exploring the potential of technology in hugely creative ways and learning valuable vocational skills at the same time.

Our digital projects with students come with ambition and immersion built in. We provide high levels of authentic challenges and activites because students rarely disappoint when we see the creativity in their final outcomes.

Whether it’s designing prototypes of future schools, creating prospecti for their school website, or making videos about their communities, we hook these project days into schools’ priorities for student learning.

Some of the great outcomes of our projects:

  • Create a Video Prospectus Script and Direct Screenplays
  • Design an App
  • Work with Digital Professionals
  • Compose Digital Music
  • Present to Authentic Audiences

Watching students manipulate industry-standard tools to create original and engaging 3D models, augmented reality scenes, or green screen production videos never fails to inspire.

ICT and Creative Production

Students – Primary / Secondary / FE / HE
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We can support development of creative skills using specialist applications.

Training programmes are offered using solutions that are both proven in education and used in the creative industries, for example applications from Adobe, Apple, Microsoft and Google, as well as niche products for use in digital creation, design and editing.

Our offer covers:

  • Digital presentation
  • Music technology
  • Working with images
  • Video production
  • Computer aided design

Student Creativity Projects

Senior Leaders
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Students – Primary / Secondary / FE / HE

We can help you design projects that involve your students from the very start. These can be tailored to exactly fit your requirements and priorities. Additionally we are able to provide specialist equipment for the students to use for the duration of the project where this is required.

Examples of potential projects include:

  • School video prospectus
  • Virtual reality tour of the school
  • Animation and cartoon projects
  • Green screen and creative video projects
  • Music recording and mixing
  • Podcasting
  • 3D modelling

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