Experienced, accomplished, and extremely competent

Andy is an experienced school leader and an accomplished project manager, taking full ownership of remit, agile and responsive to changes in the project timeline. He has very good skills in designing training, delivering training and matching the needs of the group. Andy can engage those least experienced with technology and those with high levels of capability. He has trained new IT administrators and staff in a range of contexts, at both our Head Office and in School.

Andy is extremely competent in the area of Learning Management Systems and School Information Systems., able to solve complex problems with system interoperability. He is multi-skilled in being able to isolate possible causes of error and to connect up those who could fix it.

Andy communicates with clarity at all levels in the organisation. Completely dependable in responding to communications about the project or implementation at any time of the day or night. With us working with Australia and New Zealand late night and early morning conference calls were regular.